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Frequently Asked Questions
About Alpacas

What is the difference between an alpaca and a llama?

Do alpacas spit?

How many colors are they?

Do males and females look different at all?

What sounds do they make?

Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for an alpaca?

What is the fleece used for?

How often do you shear them?

You don't eat your alpacas, do you?

How long do they usually live?

What is a herdsire?

Where do alpacas come from?

What do they eat?

About Our Farm

Who runs the farm?

Liz and Jerry Bates, happily married for 12 years.

How many animals are on your farm?

We currently have about 25 female alpacas, 9 males, and 14 goats.

Do you breed your alpacas?

Yes we do. Please visit our page to view herdsires and pricing.

Are they for sale?

Yes! Click here to check out our alpaca listings and prices.

Are your goats for sale?

We are in the process of making our goats available for sale. Please call us at 770-377-6555 for more information.

Are your dogs for sale?

No! Our guard dogs are sadly not for sale :)

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